Crazy Happy Pretty

I did some of my best and worst cake poping today. The worst was the turkeys gone bad and the best were the adorable little pumpkins I created.

Here are the pumpkins.

20111122-232607.jpg squeeeee look at the little leaves! I made them in frosting. I hope they dry and make to San Diego ok.

The worst…well I’m just going to leave this here…




I finally folded and gave into the calf boots and skinny jeans trend. These were only ~$25 at Ross and they are surprisingly comfortable for Ross shoes (usually they are cheap but super uncomfortable). I hope they work for my western style weekend in Arizona.

This is for Samantha at EveryShadeInbetween. Her daily outfit posts inspired  to do the same. This is what I am wearing today.Shirt and pants from NY&Company, belt and shoes form Target and earings from 5andUnder on Etsy. Do I look like I’m on a business safari?

Do pregnant people realize that when they post on Facebook about how many centimeters they are dilated that they are really telling the world how stretched out their vagina is?

I mean, really? No one want to know that. Can’t you say something like…actually I can’t think of anything that doesn’t translate to – my vagina is ready to push out 7 pounds of screaming if baby any day now! Yayyy!!

I was passed along a blog written by a girl I knew (vaguely) in college. Wow! It is BORING! It’s all about her kid and how she saves all this money by being BORING. Ugh! I know people with kids (ok, just a few) and they don’t live in the suburbs. I guess that keeps them from being BORING.

Good grief! I love nosing into peoples lives by reading their blogs but this couldn’t even keep me interested.

So I am going to Europe on Wednesday. That’s right! Adam and I will be hitting up Split, Croatia for a few days then heading over to Imotski, Bosnia-Herzegovina for a wedding and then back to Posušje, Croatia for the reception. Crazy right? On the way there we will be going through Munich, Germany and on the way back we also get to swing through Toronto, Canada. We will return on the following Tuesday. That’s right, 7 days!

That is…4 countries in one week! Of course I don’t really get to count Germany and Canada because I will not be leaving the airport but STILL. I actually tried to convince Adam to make a quick Mexico trip so I could up my country count for the month. Oh well.

I am pretty excited because I think we get to try the Global Entry system for the first time. We were approved for this after we got our Sentri cards. I think we get to go through customs faster when re-entering the United States. Yay! I hate waiting in a long customs line after a full day and a half of flying, don’t you? If you travel internationally a lot you should really look into this program. I’ll tell you how it goes.

There will be photos of course. These could start showing up as early as Thursday.

So I found this blog on a friends Facebook today and thought it was crazy awesome. As soon as I got home from work I had to try it out. However I do not own any sewing supplies besides a small fast-fix box and no sewing machine. This box only has one tiny needle in it. I was determined though and set about trying on, cutting, trying on, cutting. I did do a little hand sewing.

Here is how the dress started, my apologies, the photo is awful.


As you can see (sort of), its long and loose, has funny sleeves and a floppy collar. It has a tie so I can wear it tight enough but it is a weird length and it’s hard to keep the bodice buttons together. The top layer is a thin netted print and underneath it has a satin-ish liner that peeps out at the bottom. I like that part.

I cut a good chunk off the bottom so it would hit above knee. I then cut off the sleeves and the buttons. I cut the liner out of the back top of the dress to make it cooler. I also cut off the collar. I tucked and stitched the shoulders together because they were so big. I dd not have matching thread for this part. I hand stitched the lapels to the inside to form a V-neck and sewed the buttons back on but also the dress together under them. Here is how it turned out.


Add a little tank top and it’s ready to go. Massive improvement right? I like to think so! I hope I can borrow a sewing machine and finish the bottom, it needs to be hemmed or I am pretty sure it will unravel. I really want to try this again but with a sewing machine.

What is the last thing you cut up and re-used?


I need to document the better parts of growing up someplace other than Facebook.