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Posted on: August 11, 2010

Things I have successfully cooked recently.

Vegetarian Taco Pievegetarian

 I use this along with taco seasoning and a generous heap of toppings. I add lettuce, Tostinos Salsa, shredded Mexican-mix cheese, sour cream and avocado. Adam thinks it is pretty unhealthy so we only have this once in a while (plus he keeps eating my tortilla chips grrrr).

Wow! Doesn’t this look great! They are stuffed bell peppers. I love to use the yellow ones because the color is so striking on a plate. I used this recipe here as a guide. I use a can of Prego instead of cans of sauce and I do not use Worcestershire sauce. I do use the same fake meat mentioned above in this. I made this meal on Monday night for my new downstairs neighbors

I was in a super hurry and did not have time to cook the peppers a full hour. Since the rice and meat were already cooked and the sauce only needed to be heated up, I was able to serve this after 30 minutes and it still tasted great. Adam wants me to add more veggies to the stuffing next time, perhaps chopped onions. I think I will also season it more. I love that salad. It has a spinach mix, almonds, dried cranberries, sliced green apples and a red wine vinaigrette dressing.

So that is what I have cooked up recently, what about you?


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