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I did some of my best and worst cake poping today. The worst was the turkeys gone bad and the best were the adorable little pumpkins I created.

Here are the pumpkins.

20111122-232607.jpg squeeeee look at the little leaves! I made them in frosting. I hope they dry and make to San Diego ok.

The worst…well I’m just going to leave this here…



Do pregnant people realize that when they post on Facebook about how many centimeters they are dilated that they are really telling the world how stretched out their vagina is?

I mean, really? No one want to know that. Can’t you say something like…actually I can’t think of anything that doesn’t translate to – my vagina is ready to push out 7 pounds of screaming if baby any day now! Yayyy!!


I need to document the better parts of growing up someplace other than Facebook.