Crazy Happy Pretty

Adam has really been getting into stir fry recently. He even made a tofu marinade yesterday instead of just frying the tofu plain.

Other things regularly added to stir fry are bell peppers, onions and broccoli. This time we also tried some thin wheat noodles (like soba) and a stir fry sauce. Adam doesn’t use any certain recipe he did look up some basic techniques. My job is to cut and prep everything.

At the last minute Adam decided to add egg. I don’t think it was the best choice because it made everything a little mushy but I think that with less veggies and the addition of rice instead of noodles the egg addition would work. I am pretty excited about our future stir frying adventures.

Do you stir fry? Are you scared of being horribly scarred by the hot oil?


Why are you in a pounce position? What is wrong with you?

Me or Adam


Posted on: August 17, 2010

At work on monday a message popped up on our Xerox saying that the waste packet (or something) had to be changed. I did not have a replacement piece so I thought I would just dump all the gunk out of the old piece and just reuse it.

 That was a bad idea.


Have you ever had to scrub toner off your foot in the work bathroom? Not fun.


That is a little sign telling me that dumping waste toner in the trashcan is hazardous.


I made Cake Pops again this weekend.

The turned out pretty sweet (literally and figuratively). I especially like the chocolate covered ones dipped in the rainbow sprinkles. They have such lovely contrast and make me happy when I look at them. These cake pops are made of yellow cake mixed with vanilla frosting. They were super sweet. I’m usually ok with that but after I ate 4 I was reconsidering. I think I will try chocolate next.

I had a really difficult time with the coating at first. I was trying to use regular chocolate and white chocolate baking melts. The white chocolate was not melting well in the microwave so I tried a homemade double boiler. Both chocolates kept separating and just making a mess. I decided to set aside the entire project till I could get to Michaels and buy some Wilton Candy melts. I love using these. They melted perfectly and even though I did not get the consistency quite thin enough they still worked really well on the pops.

I love sprinkles so much!

My SIL sent me an Amazon gift card and I am totally going to buy the Cake Pops book with it.


Posted on: August 12, 2010

I feel sort of urban warfare today.

It could just be the epaulets.

I was just complaining to Spring on Tuesday that I rarely had an opportunity to dress up anymore. I don’t work in an office with many people (try two others) so there is not much of a point. But then I check my email and saw that my girlfriend U had invited me to a networking party she was attending Wednesday evening. It was being held at the University Club in the penthouse suite of Symphony Towers and was free to members and two guests. Yeah I signed up!

Do I look like I work downtown?

I got there early and ended up sharing the elevator with the head of the networking group that was using the space that night. This was particularly good because U had signed up some random names on the guest list and I was worried that I would not be able to get into the party. Walking in along with the main coordinator fixed that.

U showed up and we snagged a 4 seater near the window (wait, the whole place was windows!)

I had a lot of fantastic finger food (amazing coconut shrimp) and way to much chardonnay (good thing my amazing husband was nice enough to drop me off AND pick me up after the party.

check out the view!

One of the best parts of the party happened when some land developer was trying to chat me up. He asked if I would join him for happy hour downtown sometime. I politely informed him that I was married and prefered to attend happy hour with my HUSBAND. Yes!! Shot Down!

I love to go to Mexico, Baja Mexico to be exact. I like to go at a specific time and do specific things. I’m open to mixing it up of course but this is my fall back itinerary.

1. Breakfast

I like to go Sunday mornings and eat at this restaurant. It’s on the beach and breakfast costs maybe 6 dollars each. My sister was visiting this last weekend and we somehow convinced our downstairs neighbor T to go with us. As you can see, breakfast was pretty sweet.

Don’t we look happy?

2. Ride a horse

Horseback riding in Mexico is SOOOO cheap. I mean super cheap. I even checked out how much it would cost to go riding on the beach on the US side of the border. Happy Trails Rentals has a pretty sweet looking deal and you can cantor on the beach, however it costs over 75$. I like to go horseback riding at least once a month and that is too expensive for me. That is why Mexico is so great. There are guys all up and down the beach and they will let you ride 1/2-1hr for 8-20$ !!

 Now the horses are trained to walk quietly down the beach in a line and are not always that spry. I try to ask for a fast one in my broken Spanish. Sometimes it takes a little work.


But I get them to gallop eventually.

I’m sorry, but there are few things as awesome as riding really fast on a beach in Mexico. It’s something you have to try someday, even if you don’t get faster than a trot you are still on a horse, on a beach, in MEXICO!!

3. Check out GardenHaus

Ahhhh Garden Haus! You are so hip and modern and pretty. I love to tour your show rooms and daydream about the day I might have one of you for myself.


Do you ever go down to Baja? What do you like to do?


I need to document the better parts of growing up someplace other than Facebook.