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I made Cake Pops again this weekend.

The turned out pretty sweet (literally and figuratively). I especially like the chocolate covered ones dipped in the rainbow sprinkles. They have such lovely contrast and make me happy when I look at them. These cake pops are made of yellow cake mixed with vanilla frosting. They were super sweet. I’m usually ok with that but after I ate 4 I was reconsidering. I think I will try chocolate next.

I had a really difficult time with the coating at first. I was trying to use regular chocolate and white chocolate baking melts. The white chocolate was not melting well in the microwave so I tried a homemade double boiler. Both chocolates kept separating and just making a mess. I decided to set aside the entire project till I could get to Michaels and buy some Wilton Candy melts. I love using these. They melted perfectly and even though I did not get the consistency quite thin enough they still worked really well on the pops.

I love sprinkles so much!

My SIL sent me an Amazon gift card and I am totally going to buy the Cake Pops book with it.



Posted on: August 11, 2010

Though I have never considered myself much of a baker I can follow directions pretty darn well. Check out my Homemade Snicker Bars!

I found these babies randomly in the suggested feeds folder on my Google Reader. It was an post and I discovered it a week before we had a desert contest at our church. I just ran over to Vons that evening and whipped these up that night. Good thing they still tasted great a few days later. I won the contest and yes, I will be (lightly) gloating about that for a year. I even got asked to make a batch for a 20/20 even a few weeks later.

This is my latest baking achievement. Cake Pops!

After no less than three blogs discussing Cake Pops showed up in my recommended feed I had to get on and check these out. I invited Erika from Crabby Rangoon over to help out. Between watching the first two episodes of Project Runway we made a batch of red velvet & cream cheese icing Cake Pops & Cupcake Bites. I brought a batch to church and want to bring more

I think I will make these again this weekend for the church potluck only this time using classic vanilla cake and white frosting.

What sweet stuff did you make recently?


I need to document the better parts of growing up someplace other than Facebook.