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So I am going to Europe on Wednesday. That’s right! Adam and I will be hitting up Split, Croatia for a few days then heading over to Imotski, Bosnia-Herzegovina for a wedding and then back to Posušje, Croatia for the reception. Crazy right? On the way there we will be going through Munich, Germany and on the way back we also get to swing through Toronto, Canada. We will return on the following Tuesday. That’s right, 7 days!

That is…4 countries in one week! Of course I don’t really get to count Germany and Canada because I will not be leaving the airport but STILL. I actually tried to convince Adam to make a quick Mexico trip so I could up my country count for the month. Oh well.

I am pretty excited because I think we get to try the Global Entry system for the first time. We were approved for this after we got our Sentri cards. I think we get to go through customs faster when re-entering the United States. Yay! I hate waiting in a long customs line after a full day and a half of flying, don’t you? If you travel internationally a lot you should really look into this program. I’ll tell you how it goes.

There will be photos of course. These could start showing up as early as Thursday.



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