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So I am going to Europe on Wednesday. That’s right! Adam and I will be hitting up Split, Croatia for a few days then heading over to Imotski, Bosnia-Herzegovina for a wedding and then back to Posušje, Croatia for the reception. Crazy right? On the way there we will be going through Munich, Germany and on the way back we also get to swing through Toronto, Canada. We will return on the following Tuesday. That’s right, 7 days!

That is…4 countries in one week! Of course I don’t really get to count Germany and Canada because I will not be leaving the airport but STILL. I actually tried to convince Adam to make a quick Mexico trip so I could up my country count for the month. Oh well.

I am pretty excited because I think we get to try the Global Entry system for the first time. We were approved for this after we got our Sentri cards. I think we get to go through customs faster when re-entering the United States. Yay! I hate waiting in a long customs line after a full day and a half of flying, don’t you? If you travel internationally a lot you should really look into this program. I’ll tell you how it goes.

There will be photos of course. These could start showing up as early as Thursday.


I love to go to Mexico, Baja Mexico to be exact. I like to go at a specific time and do specific things. I’m open to mixing it up of course but this is my fall back itinerary.

1. Breakfast

I like to go Sunday mornings and eat at this restaurant. It’s on the beach and breakfast costs maybe 6 dollars each. My sister was visiting this last weekend and we somehow convinced our downstairs neighbor T to go with us. As you can see, breakfast was pretty sweet.

Don’t we look happy?

2. Ride a horse

Horseback riding in Mexico is SOOOO cheap. I mean super cheap. I even checked out how much it would cost to go riding on the beach on the US side of the border. Happy Trails Rentals has a pretty sweet looking deal and you can cantor on the beach, however it costs over 75$. I like to go horseback riding at least once a month and that is too expensive for me. That is why Mexico is so great. There are guys all up and down the beach and they will let you ride 1/2-1hr for 8-20$ !!

 Now the horses are trained to walk quietly down the beach in a line and are not always that spry. I try to ask for a fast one in my broken Spanish. Sometimes it takes a little work.


But I get them to gallop eventually.

I’m sorry, but there are few things as awesome as riding really fast on a beach in Mexico. It’s something you have to try someday, even if you don’t get faster than a trot you are still on a horse, on a beach, in MEXICO!!

3. Check out GardenHaus

Ahhhh Garden Haus! You are so hip and modern and pretty. I love to tour your show rooms and daydream about the day I might have one of you for myself.


Do you ever go down to Baja? What do you like to do?

I am in a pretty awesome mood today.

1. I only have three days of work and then I am off to Florida for a wedding. This is VERY exciting because I LUV all the people I will be seeing at the wedding. I am also excited because I am going to surprise-gift the happy couple. I did this when another member of their family got married and I think it went over well. I got excited on the drive to work today thinking about how I could wrap said package. Like glossy black wrapping paper and a sexy red bow?

Anyway, getting ready for this wedding has given me the excuse to get a mani-pedi and buy a ‘few’ new clothes and that always makes a girl feel better (is that sexist to say? Whatever).

2. I had a long chat conversation with my little sister who lives in another country. She is visiting me this summer and I have ALL SORTS of plans. Pretty exciting. I also found a great computer for her to buy and even though I insisted she buy it RIGHT THEN she decided to wait a day or two when she was not on a shady computer and make the purchase. I hope that the computer was still available. Of course looking at computers for her got me started on looking at computers for me because my PowerBook is like 5 years old and very sad.

3. It’s my birthday this month! I make my birthday a BIG DEAL and try to get everyone around me to make it a BIG DEAL as well. This year we have friends in town so it will be pretty exciting to have actual people show up to my Birthday and actually be there for me, unlike last year where I (gratefully) shared my birthday celebration with another friend (she invited me to share her party) but none of my other (though they were few) friends showed up. I sat in the corner of the bar, drank mojitos and looked sad. 

Adam has been pestering me about what I want for my birthday.  I said a necklace with a baby elephant hanging from it.  Adam thinks I REALLY need a new computer (remember I said the Power Book is sad). I think we will head out to the Apple store in the next few weeks to really make a decision.

4. I had some coffee this morning. Usually I do not drink coffee at all and I ESPECIALLY try not to drink it when I am very tired. Instead of waking me up it makes me crazy. I feel horrible and cannot focus on any once task. However today I had coffee on a not-so-tired morning and felt AWESOME. The coffee made me excited about my lunch of Burger King chicken fries which do a lot less to my belly than the yummy Jr Whopper with bacon and cheese.


I need to document the better parts of growing up someplace other than Facebook.